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"Hair serum is usually seen as a finishing product, but it works well when applied before you wash your hair," Bailey says. He recommends putting a few drops in your hands before rubbing them together and simply running it through the lengths of your hair. "Some of the product will come out in the wash, but a lot of it doesn’t, and what isn't washed away stays within the cracks and smooths the hair surface," Bailey says.

I liken the hair strand to a scratched table: When you’re repairing it, you pile on the polish, but you remove 99% of it, and what’s left plugs the gaps and leaves you with a nice polished surface.".

Serums have now become a mainstay in the skincare industry, and the hair care industry is no different. Hair serum just like the extra boost skincare serums can give to the face, the best hair serums can dive deeper into the hair than traditional cleansing products alone, making them a total must in any beauty arsenal.

Top Rated Hair Serum Fundamentals ExplainedEverything about Top Rated Hair Serum

It’s different from an oil which works mainly to condition on the inside, whereas serums can be used as a quick fix to treat hair at the surface. In this article, we will be exploring the uses, benefits, tips and tricks associated with hair serums so that you can make the most of this wonder product.

9 Easy Facts About Hair Serum Benefits Described

There are many types and brands of hair serum available nowadays that you can try and figure out which one works best for your hair type. Designed as a hair care solution that prevents your hair from getting tangled while giving it that softness and shine, a good hair serum should effectively protect your hair against exposure to the sun and pollutants like dust and grime, every time you step outdoors.

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However, not all hair serums are created equal. Products with different ingredients ought to be used in different ways. Here are the kinds of ingredients you will commonly find in hair serums – Silicone: Hair serums that contain silicones like dimethicone, cyclomethicone etc can make your hair look healthy and moisturized.

Instead it smoothes the outer layer and boosts the shine of our hair.• Glycerin: Using a serum with glycerin creates a protective barrier for our hair so that it doesn’t get damaged during heat styling.• Fatty Alcohols: Fatty alcohols like stearyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol or cetyl alcohol help to repair the dehydrated and damaged hair.• Conditioning Agents: Conditioning agents like cyclopentasiloxane and hydrolyzed silk, add moisture to the hair shaft and make them smooth and silky.• Thickening Agent: Algae and algae extract are thickening agents present in a serum.

There are many benefits associated with using hair serums, some of them include – Hair serums can quickly transform the look as well as the feel of your hairs. Soft, lustrous locks that can be managed with ease are a dream of every girl and you can easily make this dream a reality even without much effort, simply by using the right hair serum.

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For dry hairs hair serums can be a real boon because serums easily seals in the moisture in hair shafts and prevents hair breakage due to dryness. Hair serums work as an excellent preventive cover on your hair shafts protecting the hairs from heat, harmful sunrays, dirt, grime and pollutants.

Hair serums are ideal for parties and occasions when you are trying to look special. Just a good dose of the right hair serum on your hairs and you are sure to win compliments for those gorgeous locks. Hair serums make hairs manageable and hair styling much easier. Hence if you are someone who prefers to try new and interesting hairstyles, hair serums can be a go to product for you.

If you use heat on your hairs, then using a hair serum before applying heat will not only give you better results but will also protect your hairs from the heat. For curly and frizzy hairs, the right hair serums can do a miracle in mere minutes. These products soothe the frizz quickly and can make your rough and dry locks lustrous and soft.

Some hair serums can keep the oiliness of hairs at bay making it possible for you to enjoy oil free beautiful hairs for longer. As you may have noticed, we are big advocates for serums, especially when it comes to hair serum for frizzy hair as this type of hair is the one that is most likely to benefit from applying serum regularly.

Top Rated Hair Serum for Dummies

Check out our recommended tips and tricks below – Tips & Tricks When using Hair Serum When you have very dry hair, the serum will get absorbed very fast. In that case, you have to apply the serum for the second time. Thus, at any time, while you feel the dryness in hair, you can better rely on the re-application to retain a shiny look.

Your hair may be very oily, and lots of dirt particles get attracted to it. Thus, while you have used serum for your hair, it will increase the oiliness. You cannot remove the dirt. The serum work best for dry hair. Many of us think that we have to use heat protectant for our hair.

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Choose the best hair serum that gives thermal protection. It is always better to avoid overusing serum for fine hair. Take preventive steps while using the serum. Due to overuse, your hair can become greasy. Take very small amount of serum, and apply it throughout the length of the hair.

As the first-time user, you have to apply your hair serum on the back hair. Never start the process from the front hairs. It will also damage your hair style. From the back portion, you can move towards front part. This is the best way of applying any hair serum.

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When you are using serum regularly, you have to check out whether it gives any positive result on your hair. While you feel that the serum is not suitable for your hair, you have to look for another one. Do not continue using the wrong product for your hair. Hair serum helps in turning your bad hair days into good ones by adding a layer of lustrous and nourishment through silicon content.

This will help allow you to style your hair by exposing them to heat at considerably higher temperature. Hair serum helps to prevent your hair from breakage and being brittle. You can easily style them in a plethora of trendy hairstyles. Hair serums contain amino acids which helps in providing protection to your colored or styled hair.

The sunlight when reflected on your hair serum nourished locks look shinier and exude lustre and luminous appeal. Serums provide nourishment and protection to hair that oils cater to without being oily and greasy. They make your overall hair look manageable an easily styled so as to try a ton of different hairstyles.